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Customized - Intensive Language Package

Our experience has shown that the best results are achieved by means of Intensive training, and this is the most efficient way of learning a new language. 


  • New 2 Norway´s Intensive Package enables you to fully concentrate on you language training, and you will not have time to forget what you have learnt between classes because New 2 Norway´s Language Package last for five days = 20-40 lessons. 


New 2 Norway´s Intensive Package is especially designed for people who;

  • want to learn Norwegian as fast as possible,

  • need to improve their communication skills in Norwegian,

  • wish to be able to measure their progress in a systematic way, or

  • wish to learn Norwegian, brush up, or perfect their language skills. 


  • Urban or rural? We customize your Language Package as you like e.g. fancy a visit to museums, use the surroundings/ facilities, traditional classroom teaching, you decide. 


New 2 Norway´s Language Packages are suitable for those who;

  • have some knowledge of Norwegian or totally beginners,

  • want to experience Norwegian Culture and taste Norwegian Language.


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